Our council engages in a wide range of activities across six major categories:

  • Church
  • Community
  • Council
  • Culture of Life
  • Family
  • Youth

If you're a parishoner at St. Mark's, then you've probably seen them around Church because our members:

  • are involved in nearly every ministry – greeters, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, CCD teachers, choir members, and even our clergy
  • organize the annual pro-life prayer vigil
  • direct parking at Easter or Christmas mass
  • serve coffee and donuts after Sunday mass
  • serve Friday night lenten dinners
  • serve spaghetti dinners to raise funds for our scholarship program
  • hold an annual barbecues for our council members and their families
  • fund the Keep Christ in Christmas program in support of Girls CYO Basketball
  • provide numerous opportunities for Confirmation students to earn service credits

Outside of church, you may have seen us around town:

  • giving away tootsie rolls and taking donations for special needs children
  • selling Christmas trees to support our charitable giving
  • working with our youth in Free Throw contests and Soccer kickoffs
  • hosting the putting green booth at Old Home Days
  • and other activities...



Less visibly, our fundraising makes it possible to offer financial support for worthy causes in our community such as:

  • Sonshine Soup Kitchen
  • Nashua Soup Kitchen
  • EWTN
  • Londonderry Early Education Program
  • K of C State Kidney fund
  • RSVP program (providing financial assistance to seminarians)
  • Rosary guild
  • St. Mark's Charitable Fund
  • and many others...

It's important to point out that we couldn't engage in many of these activities without the support of our wives, children and other family members. We truly love and appreciate them for their help and, most importantly, we encourage them to keep it up.